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Using Marge in Eclipse IDE

What you need?
  • Java Development Kit (
  • Eclipse IDE (
  • Wireless Toolkit (
  • EclipseME Plugin (

So, got all needed stuff installed and configured? Let's go!

1. Download the Marge Framework available package (you will find it in the project, at the Where can I download Marge? session)

2. Open Eclipse IDE (that's the easy part ;)

3. Create a JME project, so select File->New->Other... and select J2ME MIDlet Suite Project and follow the wizard. In our example we called it NewBluetoothProject.
creating a J2ME project

4. The big part: once the project is created we need to put Marge as project Library. Right click in the project's name (in our case, NewBluetoothProject) and select Properties. In the Properties for NewBluetoothProject window select Java Build Path and then Libraries. Click in Add JARs... if the Marge jar is in you project folder or Add External JARs.. otherwise (usually developers put jar packages in a lib folder inside the project). Select the Marge jar and click OK. Ow, ow, ow!  Hold your horses, my friend: click OK just once, we got more stuff to do in here...
importing marge jar

5. Now, we need to mark EclipseME to export the Marge code, so when we create a jar file of NewBluetoothProject Marge code will be available in it. Select the Order and Export tab and mark Marge jar to be exported. Now you can press OK...
mark marge to be exported

6. If everything went correct, you will be able to see Marge package being displayed in the project structure, and you are ready to use!
marge imported into project

7. And the fun begins! To learn how to use Marge Framework, see the code tutorial. If it doesn't worked or you still got doubts send us an e-mail, we will be happy to help =)

ps.: we know the current tutorial is very simple, but we hope it has helped. If you have any suggestions please send to us
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