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Demos Apps

This page contains demo applications that uses marge-core, you can download them and try. In addition, there are also other links to projects that uses marge-core. If you are using Marge, let us know !

All the demo applications can be downloaded in Subversion.


Blue Chat

Blue Chat is an application that allows you to chat over Bluetooth in CLDC/MIDP. You can choose to use L2CAP or RFCOMM communication protocol. It uses marge-core-v0.4.0.





Tik Tak Tooth (t3)

Tik Tak Tooth is a Bluetooth tic tac toe game between two devices in CLDC/MIDP. It is not ported and uses marge-core-v0.3.4.






Blue Pong

Blue Pong is a very simple game inspired in Atari games. The idea is to kick the ball to the other side using the vertical rectangles. You can play with your friend an see who get more points. This demo is not finished, its was made in a night before Sun Tech Days 2007 in São Paulo. It uses marge-core-v0.3.4.





Giant Blue Pong

Giang Blue Pong demo was presented in JustJava 2007 in Brazil. It was described here in the third paragraph and contains images. Also it has a demo youtube video. It uses marge-core-v0.4.0.



Bluetooth FX Tetris

Bluetooth FX Tetris was made for a Jim Weaver' session during his demo at CommunityOne 2008. More details in this post.

We now got a sensor controller for it that uses Mobile Sensor API, almost a Wii!



Please, contribute sending an email to ant telling about your application or project. Let us know!


Project mOOo (mobile - Its mOOo Impress Controller uses marge-core-0.4.0 to control slide presentation using a mobile over Bluetooth.

BTInquiryFX - Bruno Ghisi's post about a simple application that inquiries for devices with Bluetooth turned on. It was made using JavaFX Script and marge-core-0.4.0.

My First JRuby Bluetooth App - Bruno Ghisi's post about a simple application that inquiries for devices with Bluetooth turned on. It was made using JRuby, Netbeans and marge-core.

Luca's LED Demo - Lucas Torri's post about a demo that shows an interesting home automation concept. Check it out in

MundoJava #30 - An article about Marge was published in a brazilian Java magazine called MundoJava . Demo code can be downloaded here.

MobileWorms and MonkeyWar by Elinton Dozol Machado. Very cool games!!!

Carlos Grahl is working in a controller for Media Player (pt_BR).

Game sent by Renato Almeida from Marge user's list.

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